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Cherrytree is a private membership buying club that offers everything at wholesale+ pricing every day so you can stop paying hidden retail mark-ups.

Simon Thomson, our club owner, set up Cherrytree after returning to New Zealand from living and working in the UK and Europe. Simon was staggered by how much things cost in New Zealand and that was his motivation to establish the club.

“It is our job to save our members time and money. Everything we do we focus on delivering value to our members. We will source product and quotes for you and help co-ordinate projects. We don’t operate on a mark-up basis. It’s the membership model that enables us to deliver our services.”
Simon Thomson.

Access to over 2,400 quality brands!

With brands such as Bosch, Aromatherapy, Joseph Joseph, KitchenAid, Royal Canin and many more, you can save thousands on the best brands.

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Nationwide Partner Discounts

Save even more with our discount partners, including; Mobil, Resene and PlaceMakers. We also have tilers, designers and more services offered by members in our MemberBiz program.

Shopping Service

It’s not only money being saved by our members, they are also saving time. Our service centralises your shopping experience; offering everything in one place. We also have fantastic staff, ready and waiting to help.

Mortgages & Insurance

Cherrytree members are gaining excellent mortgage rates and are saving up to 21% off their annual insurance premiums, taking the Cherrytree savings beyond that of shopping and renovations!

Family Membership

One membership covers you, your partner and your children under 21 living at home. All your immediate family can shop at wholesale+ and save.

Our job is to save members time and money

We do this on over 550,000 brand name products every day. Buy everyday items for your home and lifestyle. From quality homewares and appliances, soft furnishings, cleaning products, pet food & accessories, toys, underwear, gifts and so much more. Use our nationwide discount partners to save on petrol, paints, car repairs, insurances and much more.

And if you are building, renovating or just out for new furniture and whiteware you can save thousands of dollars buying through Cherrytree.

An average family can save around $55,000 over 10 years being Cherrytree members – no tricks, no gimmicks, no ‘sales’ just great prices every day!

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